Pointers for Using Epoxy Flooring in a Commercial Setting

If you want to update the floors in your business premises, one possibility you may not have considered is epoxy flooring. These tough surfaces have random patterns with an appealing natural aesthetic, similar to stone. Here are several pointers to consider when planning this kind of flooring.

What Environments Does It Suit?

Because it's durable, hygienic, and decorative, epoxy floors suit various businesses. It can be laid in commercial kitchens, showrooms, and retail stores. Epoxy floors are created using a blend of resins and hardeners that chemically fuse to the concrete to create a plastic cover. The floor will resist water and chemical spills. Your installer can make sure it's suitably protected for particular areas. For example, they may apply a polyurethane sealant to increase its resilience. The contractors can also treat the surface to make it less slippery.

How Are the Colours and Patterns Created?

The floor in a business setting must be attractive, professional, and suited to the environment. Epoxy floors can be customised in various ways, so you have a lot of choices in colours and patterns. The contractors pour the epoxy mixture over the cement and scatter different elements on top, which will provide it with decoration. For example, they can add chips of granite, marble, or coloured glass to mimic terrazzo. These elements come in a variety of colours, and the contractors can blend them to create the look that you've requested.

They can also scatter different-coloured paint flakes. If you want dark flooring, they can add charcoal to the epoxy base mixture and scatter black, cream, light, and dark grey flakes on top. If you want a lighter-toned pattern, you could choose tan, blush, and cream flakes on a pale background.

If your business is in retail or you run a cafe, you can opt for more colourful flooring, and if you want a subdued floor for a commercial kitchen, the contractors can provide that as well. Commercial epoxy flooring is on trend, and it will ensure your business looks up-to-date.

What Maintenance Do Epoxy Floors Need?

Epoxy flooring is easy to maintain, as it's extremely durable and can withstand foot and vehicle traffic in a showroom. All the floor requires is a vacuum and a damp mop. It's important to remove dirt regularly rather than let it build up, as particles are abrasive and can add to wear and tear. Ask your installer about the best cleaning products that won't damage any sealants they have applied.

For more information about commercial epoxy flooring, contact a local company.