Benefits of Cement Rendering a Brick Home

If you're looking for a way to upgrade your brick home, you might consider rendering the external walls. Here are several benefits you can expect.

Enhances the Facade

Harsh elements such as the searing sun, gale-force winds, rain deluges and hail storms all affect your home's external walls. Eventually, signs of weathering become evident as brick edges crumble and decay while the mortar falls away. Once this happens, the building's facade will look rough and jaded. 

The amazing thing about cement render is that it can cover all of this disintegration with a fresh surface. Cement rendering services can also transform the house with a new colour by adding pigment to the cement or painting the hardened render. For example, your home may feature red bricks, which you could cover in charcoal cement, contrasting them against crisp white window trim. Alternatively, you could go for a light and bright effect with cream walls.

Modernises Your Home

Not only does cement render smooth out a bumpy brick surface, but it modernises a home. Depending on the architecture, bricks can give a dated look because of the visual detail of the joins and individual units. Cement render creates a modern effect because it smooths out the joins to create one uniform surface. Thus, your home will look more sleek, minimal, and current.

Prolongs the Life of the Walls

Render doesn't merely provide cosmetic benefits, though. It also protects and prolongs the life of the walls by adding a tough cement layer. This new cover will shield the walls from the elements and extend their lifespan. Cement is an extremely tough material that will itself withstand harsh conditions.

Adds Insulation 

Cement render adds another layer to the walls, which helps to insulate your home from hot and cold weather, making it more energy efficient. With thicker walls, you home will better hold onto winter warmth and block out the summer heat. Over time, the increased insulation will lower your heating and air conditioning bills, providing savings that can offset some of the rendering project's costs.

Could Help Attract Buyers 

If you're considering selling now or in the future, cement-render walls could help to attract more buyers. A stylish kerb view will add instant appeal to draw people inside. Plus, an energy-efficient home is vital to eco-friendly buyers who are interested in lowering their energy usage and reducing their carbon footprint. Consumers will also realise they'll save money on ongoing heat and cooling costs with a better-insulated home.

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